A great staircase comes from a great stair company!
Customwood Stairs is the premier Chicagoland stair manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in designing, building and installing the finest Interior Stairs. We are able to satisfy a variety of style choices from traditional to contemporary, through varied wood species to glass, iron, brass, acrylic or metal stairs. Customwood Stairs guarantees the finest staircase for any architectural design.

Why CWS?

A home's staircase provides the first impression that greets visitors when they walk in a home. Nothing makes more of an impression than a custom designed staircase. In fact, the main entrances of many homes are designed around the staircase. Customwood Stairs understands a staircase is a key architectural detail, that's why we produce and install, through old world craftsmanship, thus ensuring that your staircase is of the finest quality.